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Professional Development Opportunities at Gateway

Gateway National Recreation Area offers a number of professional development opportunities for educators throughout the year. Teacher workshops are also required prior to some onsite class programs.

For general information about upcoming offerings and program requirements, call 718-338-3338 ext. 274 or look under Plan a Field Trip.


2012 Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Lesson Plans!

Over the course the summer, each Teacher-Ranger-Teacher developed a curriculum-based program for use by all teachers interested in Gateway National Recreation Area. Download them here!

E is for Excellency Coastal Defense

Osprey Migration

Phenology Plant Diversity

Nanette Melero
Nanette Melero


Teacher-Ranger-Teacher 2012 at Jamaica Bay

Follow the journey of Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Nanette Melero as she spent her summer working at Jamaica Bay. Her job included assisting with programs and curriculum at Ecology Village at Floyd Bennett Field, and learning about Gateway so she can share her experience with her students back home.

Tracy Hall


Teacher Ranger Teacher 2012 at Sandy Hook

Wow! What a beautiful start to a new adventure. Sandy Hook still manages to take my breath away. Standing here on the observation deck at North Beach directly across from N.Y. Harbor I have a bird's eye view of the N.Y. skyline. The weather right now is just about perfect, sunny, breezy and warm. Note I say warm cause earlier it was hot as Hades, the best I can describe it.

Nena Shaheed
Nena Shaheed

NPS Photo

Teacher-Ranger-Teacher in 2010 Nena Shaheed

Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Nena Shaheed joins the Gateway team at the Jamiaca Bay Wildlife Refuge this summer. Take a closer look at her adventures by viewing her journal entries and photo album. She was selected through the Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program, and will wear her NPS uniform to school during National Park Week in April.

Renay Moran-Kurklen, Teacher-Ranger-Teacher
Renay Moran-Kurklen


Gateway's First Teacher-Ranger-Teacher!

Follow the journey of Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Renay Moran-Kurklen as she spends her summer working at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Renay was hired through the Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Program, which offers teachers a chance to work at select National Parks for eight weeks during the summer. During National Park Week in April, teachers wear their uniform to class and share their experiences with students. You can read her journal or watch her on our series of video podcasts!

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