Chancellorsville Battlefield

Visitors looking at Chancellorsville Battle Map
The battle painting outside the Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center provides orientation to a complicated battle that mostly took place in the woods of the Wilderness.

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Visiting the Battlefield

The woods, fields, and roads that make up Chancellorsville Battlefield span across both sides of modern-day Route 3. The park's visitor services, driving route, and trails provide a variety of options for exploring and connecting with the history of the battle. 

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Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center
9001 Plank Road, Spotsylvania, VA 22553
Chancellorsville film available onsite or online
Speak with park staff, get maps and information, become a Junior Ranger, wander the exhibits,and browse the park store. Restrooms available.

Salem Church
4054 Plank Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
When open, speak with staff about the history of Salem Church and its role in the Chancellorsville Campaign.

The Chancellorsville Driving Tour follows the numbered stops on the park map. Below is a summary of the driving tour. Follow the driving tour on the NPS App (best for following the tour onsite, available at the Apple Store and on Google Play, audio is currently in development for this tour)

  1. Jackson Wounding Site: Start your tour at the location of Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson's wounding, located at the Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center.
  2. Bullock House Site: This was one of the first spots that US troops arrived at before the battle started, and was the apex of Hooker's last line after the intense fighting on May 3.
  3. Chancellor House Site: The inn which sat on this intersection gave Chancellorsville its name and became the Union headquarters during the battle.
  4. McLaw's Line: Fighting occurred at this position on all three days of fighting. 
  5. Lee-Jackson Bivouac: From this location, Confederate General Lee formalized the plan for Jackson's flank attack on the morning of May 2, 1863.
  6. Catharine Furnace Ruins: The ironworks here operated in the 1830s and 40s. The road leading south from the ironworks provided the route from which Confederate forces under "Stonewall" Jackson began their flank attack around US forces on May 2.
  7. Slocum's Line: The US 12th Corps under General Henry Slocum built and held a defensive line here until being pushed back towards the Chancellor House on May 3.
  8. Jackson's Flank Attack: On the afternoon of May 2, Jackson's troops would begin their assault against the US 11th Corps from this position.
  9. Hazel Grove: After being abandoned by US troops in the early morning of May 3, Confederate artillery swarmed this location, setting the stage for 5 hours of some of the most intense fighting of the war. 
  10. Fairview: This US artillery position traded fire with Confederate artillery at Hazel Grove on May 3, ultimately leading to the retreat of US forces to their last defensive line beyond the Bullock House Site.

  • Jackson Wounding Trail (no map): 0.2 mi (.3 km) loop. Start: Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center. Take this short, rubber-pact trail around the visitor center to follow Jackson's wounding.
  • Chancellorsville History Trail Map (pdf): 4.3 mi ( 6.9 km) loop. Start: Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center parking lot. Follow in the footsteps of Confederate soldiers hammering against the Union defense on the morning of May 3, Chancellorsville crossroads and house site, the Bullock House Site, and the apex of Hooker's last line.
  • Hazel Grove-Fairview Trail Guide (pdf): 1.7 mi (2.7 km) round trip. Start at either Hazel Grove, Tour Stop 9, or Fairview, Tour Stop 10. Walk the trail that links two artillery positions, where, on the morning of May 3, five hours of intense fighting left a man killed, wounded, or captured, every second.
  • McLaws Line Trail (pdf):1.1 mi (1.7 km) loop. Start: McLaw's Line, Tour Stop 4. Follow the story of the men whose diversionary tactics kept Union attention away from "Stonewall" Jackson's flank march on May 2, 1863.

Prepare for Your Visit

A wide open field with fog-covered rolling hills at dawn.
Chancellorsville Driving Tour

Follow the Battle of Chancellorsville through the main stops of the park driving tour, onsite or at home.

Historical photo of a large house with battle damage.
Battle of Chancellorsville

In the spring of 1863, Confederate forces repelled a Federal advance across the Rappahannock at a great cost.


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