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Black and white image of war damaged Chatham with wagon in front
Chatham damaged by war

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The architectural data section of Chatham's Historic Structure Report (HSR) offers a valuable look into Chatham's original architectural design, as well as the changes which have been made throughout the home's 200 years of residential history. The report was completed in 1984, following Chatham's inclusion into the park.
Black and white photo of man with baby cow on leash
Throughout its history, Chatham was both a home for the wealthy and a working farm

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Chatham's Preliminary Historic Resource Study, compiled in 1982, provides a rich amount of information concerning the owners and residents of Chatham Manor from the 1770s to the 1970s.
Plantation office in disrepair
Fairfield Plantation's farm office, now known as the "Stonewall" Jackson Death Site

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The "Stonewall" Jackson Death Site's Historic Structure Report, compiled in 1968, provides information about the farm office of Fairfield Plantation, the place where General Stonewall Jackson died.
Group of veterans standing in front of church
Veterans returned to visit Salem Church after the war

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The Historic Structures Report Part 1 and Part 2 for Old Salem Church compiled in the 1960s, provides information about this landmark of battle during the Chancellorsville campaign.
Black and white photo of Ellwood (house)
Ellwood was a private residence well into the 20th Century

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The Cultural Landscape Report for Ellwood on the Wilderness Battlefield provides a history of the plantation as well as an overview of existing conditions and possible future treatment.

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