Clara Barton
Clara Barton, 1866

Matthew Brady

Clara Barton


Civil War-era nurse and founder of the American Red Cross

Sketch of Chancellor house
The Chancellor family home was how the battle got its name

NPS Photo

Sue Chancellor


Resident of Chancellorsville during the battle

Painting of William Fitzhugh standing with rifle in front of cloudy sky background
Painting of William Fitzhugh

Gary Stapko

William Fitzhugh


Original owner of Chatham Manor

John Lee Pratt
John Lee Pratt

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

John Lee Pratt


Last private owner of Chatham Manor

Mary Walker wearing her Medal of Honor
Dr. Mary Walker proudly wearing her Medal of Honor

Library of Congress

Dr. Mary Walker


Civil War era doctor and the only woman to earn the Medal of Honor in American history

Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman

Matthew Brady

Walt Whitman

1819 - 1892

American poet and nurse after the Battle of Fredericksburg

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