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map of United States with GIS data marking Olmsted-designed landscapes
Sample view of Olmsted worldview map

Interactive GIS Map:

Mapping the Work of the Olmsteds in the World: What's in Your backyard?

Recently we have been collecting data to visually represent the work of the Olmsted firms. Based on historic records from our archives as well as sources outside of our collections, we've gathered the longitudes and latitudes of many of the firm's projects.

We've created a Google Earth layer that shows the various types of projects...(more)


Olmsted StoryMaps

Check out our StoryMaps on a varity of differenting topics relating the Olmsted's and their firm.
- Fairsted: Past and Present

- Fairsted Employees

- Frederick Law Olmsted's Walk Across England

- Frederick Law Olmsted in the Cotton Kingdom

- Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing a Community to Live in

Interact with the Collection!

A "photo in a photo" of School Master Hill in Franklin Park

Past & Present Project

How have Olmsted designed landscapes changed over time? That is one of the questions that prompted us to try to recreate historic photos from the Olmsted Archives. Join us in exploring a few parks in the Emerald Necklace, and find out how you can get involved in the project. Learn more...

6 brightly colored squares over historic images announcing emerald necklace safari

Emerald Necklace Safari

Journey through Boston's Emerald Necklace on the hunt for great vistas!

Last updated: May 17, 2023

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