Special Event Management

Special events and activities held in the park require a Special Use Permit, issued only after the park determines that the activities involved meet the NPS general guidelines as well as any site-specific policy and regulation.

The park, through the Chief Ranger's Office, evaluates all proposals for special events at Fort Vancouver NHS. Our permitting process ensures that special events are conducted in a manner consistent with Nation Park Service standards of resource and visitor protection. Our goal is for all special events to foster the mission of the NPS and benefit the general public and event participants.

Each Special Use Permit issued by Fort Vancouver NHS is based upon general conditions that protect regular visitor access, safety, and park values and resources. Other permit conditions may be imposed depending upon the proposed event activities and the location in which it is held. The site, for example, is an active archaeological site and managed to protect its archaeological resources.

To facilitate your application for a Special Use Permit (SUP), we have listed a few things you will need to know about planning and holding your event or activity in the park. Please click on the link below for information on obtaining a Special Use Permit.

Structures that you can reserve on Fort Vancouver National Historic Site:

There are a number of structures to choose from within this expansive National Park. You will have the option of reserving the following structures:

The Picnic Shelter: located right next to the Visitor's Center, with easy access to the restrooms and our play structure. This space provides a perfect venue for family gatherings, birthdays and many other special events. The structure is covered and holds approximately 70 people.

The Great Meadow: located on the parade grounds, this expansive meadow makes a lovely place for a wedding reception, family reunion or any other large celebration! Be sure to bring your own umbrella or easy-up because there is no covering to block you and your celebration from the elements!

The Bandstand: located on the great meadow, this bandstand provides some shelter from the elements and works as a great staging area for your event!

Heritage Oak: perhaps one of the largest, and oldest trees on the grounds of Fort Vancouver National Park, this heritage oak is located inbetween the visitor's center and the reconstructed Fort site. Make your reservation to bask under the splendor of this aging oak!

Now that you have reviewed which structures are available, please review the Permit Application Process and call (360) 816-6241 to set the date for your reservation!

Last updated: July 28, 2013

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