General Guidelines for Special Events

Special events - such as public spectator attractions, entertainment, ceremonies, and encampments - may be permitted by the park when, in the determination of park staff:

  • there is a meaningful association between the park area and the event; and
  • the event will contribute to visitor understanding of the significance of the park area.

However, a permit must be denied if, in the eyes of park officials, the event would:

  • Cause injury or damage to park resources; or
  • Be contrary to the purposes for which the park was established; or
  • Unreasonably impair the atmosphere of peace and tranquility maintained in wilderness, natural, historic or commemorative locations within the park; or
  • Unreasonably interfere with the interpretive, visitor service, or other program activities, or with the administrative activities of the NPS; or
  • Substantially impair the operation of public facilities or services of NPS concessioners or contractors; or
  • Present a clear and present danger to public health and safety; or
  • Result in significant conflict with other existing uses.

Please note that the National Park Service will not permit the public staging of special events that are:

  • conducted primarily for the material or financial benefit of organizers or participants; or
  • are commercial in nature; or
  • that demand in-park advertising or publicity; or
  • for which a separate public admission fee is to be charged.

NOTE: While many types of special events may have a meaningful association with Fort Vancouver NHS's purpose, many do not require a national park setting, and the park looks to the plethora of community resources to accommodate them. Large events, such as concert and festival-style events, are best suited to other community venues, not the grounds of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

To find out how to begin the permit process, AND to see what structures are available for reservation please continue to the Special Event Management page by clicking here.

In addition to these general guidelines applicable to all units of the National Park System, there are also specific site regulations that may be applicable to your prospective use.

For more information, please contact the park at 360-816-6241 or by e-mail.

Last updated: July 28, 2013

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