Discover the Story of the Pacific Northwest

Located on the north bank of the Columbia River, in sight of snowy mountain peaks and a vibrant urban landscape, this park has a rich cultural past. From a frontier fur trading post, to a powerful military legacy, the magic of flight, and the origin of the American Pacific Northwest, history is shared at four unique sites. Discover stories of transition, settlement, conflict, and community.

Photo of a women reenactors wearing World War II period clothing.

Discover the history of World War II

Join Living History Group Northwest for a World War II reenactment at Pearson Air Museum on July 20!

Photo of two reenactors wearing military uniforms and drilling with sabers

19th Century Saber Training Courses

Learn about the history of the British Royal Navy and try your hand at saber work in this summer's hands-on training course!

A white house sits in a grassy park.

Victorian Handcraft Demonstrations

Join us at the McLoughlin House for this year's Victorian Handcrafts Demonstration series!

Photo of African American soldier.

Buffalo Soldiers at Vancouver Barracks

Learn more about the fascinating story of Company B of the Twenty-fourth U.S. Infantry Regiment, who arrived at Vancouver Barracks in 1899.

Portrait of Eloisa McLoughlin

Who lived here?

Discover the stories of the men and women who lived and worked at Fort Vancouver and Vancouver Barracks.

Last updated: July 19, 2019

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