The Grandest Fort on the Upper Missouri River

Between 1828 and 1867, Fort Union was the most important fur trade post on the Upper Missouri River. Here, the Assiniboine and six other Northern Plains Indian Tribes exchanged buffalo robes and smaller furs for goods from around the world, including cloth, guns, blankets, and beads. A bastion of peaceful coexistence, the post annually traded over 25,000 buffalo robes and $100,000 in merchandise.

Rendezvous reenactors pose in front of the Bourgeois House.

Fort Union Rendezvous

Rendezvous is our largest event of the year - learn more and how, if you're historically minded, to participate here!

Profile portrait of man, wearing feather headdress, holding feather fan.

Indian Arts Showcase

Experience American Indian history and culture, through music, traditional crafts and lectures by tribal historians and elders.

Special Events and Programs at the Fort

Special Events and Programs at the Fort

Find out the "what" and "when" for all our special events here.

View of active archeological digs.

Unearthing the Past, Discovering Today

How was the fort built and from what materials? Archeologists needed to unearth the answers before the fort could be accurately rebuilt.

Karl Bodmer painting of Fort Union

Historic Overview of Fort Union

Built at the request of the Assiniboine nation, Fort Union quickly emerged as the Upper Missouri's longest lasting trading post.

Brown leashed dog sits in trade house, owner seated on bench behind dog.


Pets are welcome in most places at Fort Union. Learn where here.

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