• image of seated couple wearing 19th-century clothing
    A Fort Union Romance

    The story of a young woman who met the love of her life while living with her mother at Fort Union.

  • Drawing of African American soldier wearing Civil War uniform
    The Oddity of Private Cathay

    Private William Cathay, who served at several New Mexico forts, had an unusual military career.

  • Photograph of Navajo leader Barboncito holding rifle with leather strap across shoulder
    Navajo Leader

    Barboncito was a leader in negotiations with the U.S. government to return the Navajos to their ancestral homeland.

  • Photograph of older Chinese-Amercan man wearing a fedora and tie and jacket.
    The Chinese Patriot

    Edward Cohota's odyssey took him from China to Massachusetts, to the battlefields of the Civil War, to Fort Union and beyond.

  • Image of Confederate General Henry Sibley
    Divided Loyalties

    The defection of numerous U.S. Army officers in New Mexico to the Confederacy threw military affairs in the territory into chaos.

  • Image of government document freeing family of runaway slave and U.S. soldier George Vaughn
    The Runaway Slave

    A runaway slave's valiant efforts for his family.

Last updated: February 27, 2021

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