The British in the Lowcountry

  • Portrait of Henry Clinton standing in military uniform

    Henry Clinton

    Commander in Chief of British forces in North America 1778 - 82. Army commander of 1776 southern expedition.

  • Portrait of Charles Cornwallis standing in military uniform

    Charles Cornwallis

    Commander of British forces in the southern theater 1780 - 81. Surrendered an army at Yorktown in October 1781.

  • Portrait of Alexander Leslie in military uniform

    Alexander Leslie

    British army officer. Brigadier general during southern campaign. Oversaw evacuation of Charleston.

  • Portrait of William Campbell, head and shoulders

    William Campbell

    Final royal governor of the colony of South Carolina

  • Portrait of Francis Rawdon seated, head and shoulders

    Francis Rawdon

    British army officer. Fought in every major British campaign of the American Revolution from Bunker Hill through the Siege of Ninety Six.

  • Portrait of Banastre Tarleton standing in military uniform with horses behind him

    Banastre Tarleton

    British army officer. Commander of the British Legion. Infamous for his brutal treatment of rebel Americans during the southern campaign.

  • Portrait of Peter Parker standing in military uniform in front of a cannon

    Peter Parker

    Royal Navy officer. Commanded the fleet that attacked Sullivan's Island in June 1776.

Last updated: July 11, 2020

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