What to Expect Onsite

You've made it! Welcome to Fort Schuyler! This is what your day will look like:

  • One or more staff will be waiting for your group at the Marinus Willett Center
  • When your class(es) get off the bus, please have them form up as follows:

(front of line)
Corporal Corporal
Privates Privates
Teachers and Chaperones

  • Soldier training will actually begin at this point as the group will begin learning proper positioning and orders.
  • As the group is led into the barracks they will be reintroduced to why they have enlisted and what they will be doing throughout their stay at the fort.
  • The group will then be split up and rotate through drill, fatigue, and guard duties.
  • After completion of the duties, the group will review the day and receive discharge papers and pay.

Lunch: Midday rations take place at 12:30 after the main portion of the program. We encourage everyone to pack lunches that are close to a soldier's "field rations" and pack it in a haversack to preserve authenticity within the program.
All of the trash generated from lunch needs to be taken out with you when you leave.

Please Note: As stated in the confirmation packet, park staff reserves the right to change/terminate the Soldier's Day program based on pre-visit preparation and/or behavioral issues.
And That: In a Soldier's Day program we do not allot time to visit the bookstore or other rooms within the fort. If you would like to do either of these things, you can look on your own after the program is completely finished. You are also invited to partake in second ranger-guided program, or to stay and look around the other park areas on your own.
In the following album are photos of Soldier's Day visits to give you an idea of what to expect.
If you wish to add your own photos to this album to share with others, please Email the Education Coordinator.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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