Soldier's Day Lesson Plan Two - What Does A Soldier Do?

Educational Goal

To provide students with in-class experiences that will familiarize them with the daily activities of a Continental Soldier.

Behavioral Objectives

Students will –

  • Identify the 3 duties of a soldier
  • Describe how each duty would help the army to succeed
  • Discuss what could happen if each of these tasks were not performed


1 hr.


Word Web and Numbered Fort Stanwix aerial photo



Pass out Word Web.

2. Give students 5 min. to complete web.


1. Introduce “fatigue” (tired). Have students suggest meanings.

2. Discuss activities that could fatigue someone.

3. What fatigue duties do we have in the class? (i.e. classroom chores, class pet care, clean board, erasers, etc.)


1. Put the following words on the board: fire drill, math facts, spelling lists, music lessons

2. Pose the question: What do these things have in common? (repetitive, help you learn, practice, etc.)Why? Can they add to the list?


1. Make a word web on the board for common answers.

2. Discuss student responses to web activity.

3. From common answers, choose guard company and rotation schedule.

Complete one or more of the following activities:

1. Have the students clean out their desks,

2. or the classroom,

3. or help the custodians with a school-wide cleaning project.

1. Pass out numbered photo of Fort Stanwix(face down).

2. Do several timed trials with the students finding the numbers in order on the photo.

3. Once the students feel confident in their ability with the activity, you may choose to add additional “situations” such as a repeated loud noise, shortened time limit, etc. that will challenge their focus.


“Sergeant of the Guard” Activity

Discussion questions:

1. Why does our classroom/school have to be kept clean?

2. What are some of the fatigue duties that have to be done around your house?

3. Why do you think that the soldiers had to do fatigue duty every day? What could happen if they didn’t?

1. Revisit the word list on the board. Most students find these activities boring or tedious. Ask them why.

2. Revisit the photo activity. Did the students feel more confident after doing the activity a few times? Why? How did they feel when noise/time was changed? Do they feel more confident after practicing things like math or spelling? Why?

3. Discuss which one of the activities on the original list would be most like the soldiers learning how to use their weapons? (Fire drill) Why? (Life or death situation)


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