Soldier's Day Lesson Plan Four - Marching Orders!

Educational Goal

To introduce students to the history of Fort Stanwix.

Behavioral Objectives

Students will –

  • Research Fort Stanwix through various websites.
  • Prepare and give short presentations on Fort Stanwix.




garrison – v. to inhabit a fort (In 1776, the 3rd New Jersey Regiment was the first group sent rebuild and garrison Fort Stanwix during the American Revolution.) OR n. the group of soldiers assigned to a military post (The garrison of Fort Stanwix was not prepared for the winter ahead.)


1 hour


Computers, "Regimental Orders" sheet, pens/pencils, paper


1. Announce to the students that their orders have come in for their first duty station.

2. Read the “Regimental Orders” sheet to the class.


Students, in pairs or groups, explore Fort Stanwix via the Internet. This is meant to be like a scavenger hunt for them to discover whatever they can about the site before they get here. There are many good websites about the fort that come up through “Google”. If someone is having trouble finding information, or you want to verify information, the park’s website is

Guiding questions:

  1. Why did a famous traitor help Fort Stanwix?
  2. What other name did Fort Stanwix have during the American Revolution?
  3. Where is the fort?
  4. Why was the fort built?
  5. How are Fort Stanwix and Saratoga connected during the American Revolution?


Students/student groups report their findings about the fort to the class, which will become the new “garrison” of Fort Stanwix during their visit.


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