Soldier's Day Lesson Plan One - Enlistment Day!

*This would be a great time to have a ranger visit your classroom!*

Educational Goal

To provide a review on the causes of the American Revolution, along with introducing students to the 1st person nature of the Soldier’s Day program.

Behavioral Objectives

Students will –

  • Sign enlistment forms for the 3rd NY Regiment
  • Decide what they would pack for a 3 year enlistment with the Continental Army.
  • Choose Corporals and Sergeant for the Soldier’s Day Program.


Basic knowledge of the American Revolution (i.e. who’s fighting who, why)


Enlist, Continental Army, Corporal, Sergeant

  • Enlist - to join the military
  • Continental Army – the American Army during the Revolutionary war
  • Sergeant – soldier in charge of a small group (around 10) of soldiers. *In school, this rank would be equivalent to a Teacher’s Assistant/Aide*
  • Corporal – soldier that can be used as an example of a role model, and could take over in the Sergeant’s absence. *In school, it would be equivalent to a Citizen of the Month*


30 min.


Enlistment form, recruiting information sheet, pens/pencils, “Pack Your Pack” activity sheet, duffle bag/pack

Optional: fife and drum music, quill pens and inkwells


  1. Recruiting Party! Set up the room as a recruiting station with a long table at one end with the enlistment forms and pencils/pens. (To create a more authentic mood, quill pens and ink are available in many places to use for signing.) Many of the recruiting parties during the American Revolution had fifes and drums with them. If possible (maybe with help from the music teacher), play a fife and drum CD for mood.
  2. Rally the troops into enlisting by reviewing the causes of the American Revolution. After, have students line up at the table and sign enlistment forms. Students should have these with them upon arrival at the fort for the Soldier’s Day program. You may also use this time to discuss how many people “made their mark” when enlisting because they were unable to write their names.


Choose a Sergeant and Corporals for the program. For each class attending the program, there should be one (1) Sgt. and two (2) Cpls. The Sergeant should have strong leadership skills (a loud voice helps, too). These qualities are also good for the Corporals to possess, as they will have the opportunity to lead the group during certain portions of the program. *If possible, have the chosen students assume their roles within the classroom (i.e. line leader, classroom monitor, etc.). This helps to build the respect needed throughout the program.*


“Pack Your Pack” Activity*:

Now that everyone is enlisted and the NCOs have been chosen, its time for the new recruits to pack up and leave for training! Place duffle bag/pack where students can see it:

  1. Pass out “Pack Your Pack” activity sheets. Tell students to keep in mind what the Army is promising to give them.
  2. Give students 5-10 minutes to work individually or in small groups to complete activity. If students are struggling with ideas, some suggestions are: clothes, eating utensils, paper, ink, and quill, toy or instrument, fire starting kit)
  3. Come together as whole group and share answers.

*This activity sheet will be used again in another lesson, so students need to keep them.*


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