Freedom's Fortress

Fort Monroe National Monument has a diverse history spanning the American story from American Indian presence, Captain John Smith's journeys, first arrival of enslaved Africans in English North America, a safe haven for freedom seekers during the American Civil War, and a bastion of defense for the Chesapeake Bay through the 21st Century. Visit and witness the on-going preservation work in action. Read More

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Explore the hundreds of years of history and significance of "Freedom's Fortress."

Historic John Smith map of Virginia Colony updated 12 times between 1612-24
Commemorate the First African Landing

The first enslaved Africans landed in English North America in 1619. Each year in August we commemorate their arrival.

Sunrise over a fort parade ground bathes light on a massive live oak tree.
Algernourne Oak Stands Sentinel

The Algernourne Oak is the oldest of over 300 live oak trees at Fort Monroe. It has stood watch over the Parade Ground for about 500 years.

A color illustration depicts Fort Monroe surrounded by water and a number of sail and steam boats.
The History of Fort Monroe

There is more than 400 years of history to explore at Fort Monroe!

Last updated: July 22, 2024

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