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Students participating in a flag talk.
Students participating in a flag talk.

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Most field trips to Fort McHenry are facilitated by educators, chaperones, and parents. On this page you will find tools and resources to plan field trips for all grades and learning levels. Registering for a field trip can be done through the park's online form.

Planning a Field Trip

The first step in planning your field trip is to determine how much time you want to spend at the site. Most groups spend 2-3 hours at Fort McHenry. The majority of the site is self-guided.

Educators are encouraged to create their own lesson plan prior to their field trip. While the site does not currently provide ranger-led field trips, there are materials educators can used to help facilitate a self-guided experience. that you can use when planning your trip.

Teachers of 4th grade classes may be interested in the Every Kid Outdoors program should their school meet the eligibility criteria.

Please refer to the park's Group Arrangements page for more information about bus parking and picnicking/lunches.


Field trip organizers must ensure that there is an adequate number of adult chaperones to monitor and assist students during a field trip. The required ratio is one chaperone for every five students. Park staff may limit activities for groups without the required number of chaperones at their discretion in regard to the safety of visitors and park resources. Students must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times.

Fees and Academic Fee Waivers

The Star Fort Historic Zone is a fee area with an entrance fee of $15 per adult (16 and older). Groups planning on entering this area of the park should be prepared to pay this fee, or have done so online before arriving. The park grounds, visitor center, and movie are all free. For more information on the park fees, or to pay your entrance fee online visit the park's fees and passes page.

Academic Fee Waivers

School groups visiting the site as part of their class curriculum may qualify for an academic fee waiver. Groups interested in more information and applying for a fee waiver should continue to the Academic Fee Waiver page.

Scheduling a Field Trip

Once you are ready to schedule your field trip, please apply through the park's online form. When scheduling, please have the following information ready:

Name of the educational institution (if applicable)
Number of students and chaperones
Preferred date, time of arrival, and how long your group will be at the park
Number of buses (if applicable)
Any accessibility accommodations that anyone in your group may need

Once the form has been submitted you will not receive a confirmation for your visit. A confirmation email is not necessary to visit the park. However, a park ranger might reach out to group contacts if there is a concern about your visit.

Last updated: June 26, 2023

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