Officers' Row

Commanding Officer's Quarters
Commanding Officer's Quarters


Just as the barracks were designed with four companies in mind, the company officers' quarters were also designed to house four companies' worth of officers. A typical company's officers included two lieutenants and one captain. As such, the officer's quarters were divided into two halls, each with four rooms; a lieutenant was housed in one room while captains could claim two. In the rear of each half of the building was a kitchen and servant's quarters.

Lieutenant's Quarters
Lieutenant's Quarters


Officers got several perks that came with their rank. In addition to higher pay and access to some better food, officers could live with their families on post, afford to hire servants, and had the means and education to pursue more sophisticated activities in their leisure time. Books, taxidermy, and music are among the leisure activities in which you might notice the officers take interest based on the furnishings. Officers' wives could look forward to a life of leisure at the post, but often found themselves bored by the monotony of the frontier post and its limited opportunities for socializing and entertainment.


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