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U.S. Army Mail Wagon
During the Civil War, the Army used mail wagons like this one to carry the mail and news from coast to coast.  They were protected by soldiers from Fort Larned.
Barracks-Brass Polishing
Brass scales and buttons had to be polished to a shine, usually tended to in the barracks.
Barracks Mess Hall
The Mess Hall is a part of the enlisted mens' barracks. Beef, beans, bread and coffee were the staple foods of each soldier's diet.
Barracks Mess Hall-Company Cups
The soldiers chipped in some funds to buy the nice porcelain china displaying the name of their Infantry proudly.
Bunkbeds in the barracks
Bunkbeds line the barracks  - four men to a bunk.  Shelves and coat hooks are along the walls for uniform clothing.

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