Things To Know Before You Come

View of the frontside of the Visitor Center blanketed by Live Oak trees with Spanish Moss draped on branches.
Visitor Center


Good News! The Visitor Center is getting a new look and exhibits that reflect the diversity of stories that are Fort Frederica National Monument.

Bad News: The Visitor Center (VC) is closed during the renovations to make it fabulous.

There is a temporary VC set up in what is known as the park library. When you arrive at the park, when facing the VC, proceed to your right. Take the ramp around the building and it will take you to the park library.

The park film will not be available during the construction. However, Rangers and volunteers are available to assist and the bookstore is open with select items.

Visitors are welcome to participate in the park Junior Ranger Program, scavenger hunt, ranger led tours, or use the NPS APP for a self guided tour.

The park is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Sunday through Saturday.

Insects at Ft. Frederica
Insects have always been a part of life at Frederica. Settlers arriving from England cursed the insects that plagued their new home. Modern day visitors should be prepared for insects by bringing qppropriate clothing and/or insect repellant.

Biting Flies: also called "yellow flies" or "deerflies", are most active in late spring, and appear again in August.

Chiggers: are small red mites. Chigger "cures" are ineffective because the bug is gone before the itching begins. Chiggers live inside spanish moss. Avoid chiggers by avoiding spanish moss.

Mosquitos: certain mosquitos can be vectors of disease. Wearing repellant with DEET will reduce the chances of being bite.

Sand Gnats: the tiny sand gnat (also called the "sand fly" or "no see-um") appears in large numbers during mild temperatures.

Ticks: There are many species of ticks in the Frederica area. Wearing insect repellant, tucking pants into socks, and inspecting for ticks after a visit is recommended.

Last updated: June 27, 2022

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