During your visit to Fort DuPont , be aware that there are people who either intentionally or unknowingly harm park resources. Please contact a park official if you see any of the following illegal acts:

* feeding or approaching wildlife

* hunting animals

* collecting reptiles and butterflies

* collecting plants

* picking up archeological or historic items such as arrowheads

* possession of metal detectors or using them to locate and collect historic objects

* driving vehicles into sensitive meadows and off roadways

* camping

* using weapons

If you see activities that could harm people or park resource, jot down or keep in mind any descriptions or a vehicle license plate number and contact park police at 202-610-8600.



Respect animals at a distance: Never feed or approach them.

* keep your distance from animals, even if they approach you

* Dispose of trash in proper waste bins throughout the park

* keep your food and trash from wildlife by storing it properly, day and night


* pets must be on a leash at all times

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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National Capitol Parks-East
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