Fossil Butte Research Quarry Data

Data 1998-2020 Missing 2018

This data is from fossils collected in the research quarry within the park. All fossils found and collected remain in Fossil Butte's museum collection for scientific study.

If you would like to see the fossils collected and learn more about the data collecting process, the research quarry is open Fridays and Saturdays in the middle of summer. Contact the visitor center at 307-877-4455 for dates and times.
Fossil Butte Research Quarry Spreadsheet 1998-2020 Missing 2018
YearField NumberFossil NameStandard Length (mm)Percent ArticulatedDiscovererOrientation (degrees)On surface or In rock (found on broken edge)Side preserved on Horizon (cm below bottom of bottom ash)Collected (yes/no)Comments

Abundance by Organism

Using the data from the set above, this table shows how many of each organism was found.
Number of each organism found 1998-2020 missing 2018
OrganismNumber found

Last updated: October 26, 2023

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