The Forest

A round graphic shows various pine trees beneath a blue sky.
Enjoy being in nature and seeing the wildlife? If so, then start your adventure through the forest!
Explore the ancient forest to observe different plants, trees, and the wildlife. The forest houses all sorts of critters, so listen closely. You might hear birds chirping from the tops of the trees nearby. If you look up, you'll notice the Redwood trees towering hundreds of feet into the sky.

As you continue venturing into the forest, you feel the ground tremble and you nervously look into the distance. Yet you notice that the volcano is not erupting. Through the forest you notice various herds of rhinoceros-looking animals called brontotheres, which are thundering through the trees. Nearby, you see miniature, three-toed horses standing beside a stream. There's plenty to see here. Are you ready to explore the thick forest?
While you're making your observations in the field remember to follow these basic principles, which apply to anywhere you go in nature and the outdoors.

  • Recreate Responsibly. You want to protect these special places, so make sure that you leave as little of an impact as you can. Be safe about it too.
  • Which brings us to the principle of "Leaf No Trace," get it, Leave No Trace. This means leaving what you find where it's at.
  • Pack it in, Pack it out, which means take what you bring with you. This includes any trash. Don't be a litter bug!
On a light green background, there's a silhouette of two hands holding up a petrified Redwood stump.
Help to protect these special places.

NPS / Astrid Garcia


What do you want to do in the forest?

  1. Observe the animals
  2. Identify plants
  3. Climb a Redwood tree

Last updated: December 13, 2020

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