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Have you ever thought about the first people who discovered the fossils of Florissant? Thousands of years ago, hunter-gatherers were likely to have come across the fossils in the area first.

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Mammoth bones over 43,000 years old have been found in the ice age gravels of Florissant. This gravel is made-up of broken up or decomposed granite from the surrounding hills to settle into the Florissant Valley. This gravel is also referred to as grus (accumulated fragments of coarse rock) or colluvium (loose sediments that accumulate at the bottom of hills).

The Native People of the Region

Far before the homesteaders came to the area in the 1870's, Native Americans, including the Ute, Jicarilla Apache people and 17 other affiliated tribes, continue to treasure the Pikes Peak region and Florissant Fossil Beds

Homesteaders & Early Settlers

People started moving out west in the late 1800's. Homesteaders came to the Florissant Valley to call this place home.

National Park Service

After over a century of unregulated collecting and the looming threat of the fossils getting turned into a housing development, a group of people, locals and scientists came together to fight for the protection of Florissant Fossil Beds, which became designated a National Monument on August 20, 1969.


Thousands of visitors come to Florissant Fossil Beds every year and everyone needs to do their part to help protect this special place.

What can you see today at Florissant Fossil Beds?

  • The world's largest petrified stumps by diameter
  • Hike on scenic trails through thousands of fossil deposits.

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Last updated: November 5, 2022

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