Unit One: The Nature of Science

Topics Covered
Scientific Hypothesis
Observation and Inference
Qualitative and Quantitive

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All files are PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Unit One - Complete[1.4mb]

Lesson 1
Three Hole Bottle Demo[9k]

Three Hole Bottle Demo Report [12.3k]

Lesson 2
Scientific Method[415k]

Lesson 3
Blind men of Indostan Poem[182k]

Lesson 4
Can You Spot the Scientific Method?[17k]

Lesson 5
Performing an Experiment[16k]

Lesson 6
Observation / Inference sheet[393k]

Lesson 7
Fortune Teller Fish[27k]

Lesson 8: Quiz
Inferences and Observations[7k]

Lesson 9
Qualitative Vs. Quantitative[10k]

Lesson 10
Cookie Lab[20k]

General Biology Unit Exam[36k]

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