Climate Change

Sweeping view of wide, flat beach and clouds.

A Dynamic Landscape

Fire Island is constantly being shaped and re-shaped by wind and waves. The complex interaction of sediment, waves, and currents results in a dynamic landscape, with formations like beaches, dunes, and spits shifting over time.

Both natural factors and human activities alike affect the dynamic nature and geomorphology of barrier islands like Fire Island. Understanding the island's vulnerabilities and addressing the issues of climate change and sea level rise is critical to protecting Fire Island for future generations.


Explore Climate Change

Research helps park managers better understand the shifting shoreline and changes to plant and animal populations on Fire Island and at the William Floyd Estate. Learn more about the science and research taking place.

Educational resources help students and other visitors better understand this complex issue and how climate change and sea level rise will affect Fire Island. Explore lesson plans or book your class field trip.

Discover how climate change is affecting our nation's treasures, what the National Park Service is doing about, and how you can help.

Last updated: February 2, 2018

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