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Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin in front of Federal Hall during a War Bond Rally in 1918
Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin on the steps of Federal Hall during a 1918 War Bond Rally

Welcome to Federal Hall National Memorial!

Here are some items that you might want to know in advance:

Federal Hall National Memorial is open year-round and located on Wall Street. Admission to the site is free and we are open Monday through Friday. Visitors are welcome to view our exhibit galleries containing historical information about George Washington, The Constitution and the federal government. The Bible George Washington used during his inauguration was loaned to him by a local Masonic Lodge, St. Jonh's No. 1. When it is not in use by the Lodge or on tour, it is on display in a special case in the Inaugural Gallery on the first floor of Federal Hall NM. Currently, the Bible is on tour. Guided tours as well as self-guided tours of the building are also available. Junior Ranger Programs are available for the kids, and our bookstore offers a variety of memorabilia and publications for purchase. Here's more information on operating hours, fees, permits & reservations, and goods & services.

Other Items of Interest

Eating, drinking, gum chewing, and smoking are prohibited inside the building. Cell phone use is restricted. Please silence any mobile devices while in the building.

Non-commercial filming and photography is allowed. However, a permit is required for any non-commercial filming and/or photography within the boundaries of Federal Hall National Memorial, including the front steps of the building. This applies to photojournalists, members of the media, or anyone else using professional video and/or photography equipment. Please visit our Permits and Reservations page for more information.

Federal Hall National Memorial is fully accessible to wheelchair users. Ramp access is available through the rear entrance at 15 Pine Street. An elevator provides access to the upper and lower levels of the building. Learn more about wheelchair access.


Last updated: January 4, 2024

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