The Wet Season

Wet Season over the Sawgrass Prairie

Photo by Glenn Gardner

Plan Your Visit

Are you planning a trip to the park from May through November? These months fall into our wet season and it's important to plan ahead to make the most of your visit. Use this page to help you plan your visit this wet season!

Typical Wet Season Weather Conditions

The Everglades are typically hot and humid from May through November. Temperatures reach average highs of 90°F, with humidity over 90%, and a heat index of over 100°F. Afternoon thunderstorms can be expected daily with heavy rainfalls that typically subside quickly.

Wet conditions and higher temperatures bring about significant changes in the Everglades landscape. As water levels rise during the wet season, animals disperse making wildlife viewing a difficult endeavor. Finding hospitable conditions, some troublesome insects will become very abundant. The profusion of mosquitoes and biting flies can make outdoor pursuits downright uncomfortable. And the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes remains a constant concern.

Visitor Centers and Ranger-Led Programs

One can expect to find few other visitors throughout the park, giving ample opportunities for solitude. During this time, the availability of ranger programs and tours is limited. Be sure to check the park calendar for the most updated list of ranger-led programs currently available. Those planning a visit during the wet season should be advised that some facilities will not be operational during their stay.

Last updated: May 4, 2018

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