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Two people stand by a camera pointed up at a dark night sky.
Everglades Dark Sky Celebration

One-month long celebration of the night sky, astronomy, science, and celestial bodies in April in Everglades National Park.

A Park Ranger and students stand in water and grass under a blue sky.
Ranger-Led Programs

Our scheduled activities include a variety of ranger-led programs, from easy walks and evening talks, to hikes and paddling tours.

A tour boat on the water under a bright blue sky.
Guided Tours

Rangers are not the only naturalists that lead groups in the park. Check out the tour options offered by park partners and concessions.

A Park Ranger points out in the distance while on a boat on a bright blue day.

Navigable waters cover one third of the Park, creating excellent boating opportunities, but it can be challenging. Learn more.

A person is on a red kayak holding a paddle, and another is on a green kayak while taking a photo. T

The Park offers many paddling opportunities to explore the natural beauty of this area.

A ranger kneels on the deck of a boat and touches one of several fish lined up on the deck

Fishing is an excellent way to experience the park. Learn all you need to know about this activity here.

A group of people sit in chairs around a campfire under a night sky.

Enjoy the crackling of a campfire and sleep under the stars. The Park offers camping opportunities in wilderness and in the front country.

Four cyclists on the Shark Valley Road under a blue sky.

The Park has five biking trails throughout the park.

 Two people on a boardwalk surrounded by vegetation next to a sign that reads, "Bobcat Boardwalk Tra

There are many hiking trails to explore at Everglades National Park.

A flamboyance of flamingos stand in shallow water under a blue sky and mangroves in the background.
Bird Watching

Learn about where to see birds in the park, why Everglades restoration is important for the park's birds, and more.

A baby alligator resting on a small branch.

Observing wild animals in their natural environment is a privilege. It is your responsibility to keep wildlife wild by being respectful.

An out-of-focus cormorant in front of the webcam on the Anhinga Trail.
Anhinga Webcam

Still images and video clips are available through this webcam situated at the center of the Royal Palm Anhinga Trail.

An underwater image of fish swimming near and around a submerged structure.
Nearby Attractions

Visit nearby south Florida parks.

Last updated: March 21, 2024

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