Permitted Tour Guides


Guided tours are available for those who'd like to see the park with assistance of someone who's familiar with different aspects of this 1.5 million acre wilderness, but want to do this on their own schedule and in smaller more personal groups or individually.

Tour guides are required to have authorization from the park ensuring they are licensed and insured businesses authorized to provide visitors additional options in exploring this wonderful resource. Please note that the National Park Service issues these commercial use authorizations, but does not provide any specific recommendations or assess the specific content of these tours through the current review process. You should interview the guide to ensure they'll meet your personal needs.

There are guided trips for those who'd like to fish, canoe, birdwatch, or just see the flora and fauna. These tours are in addition to the regularly scheduled concession or ranger guided tours available in the park.

List of Commercial Use Authorization Providers

Below are descriptions of the services offered, and a listing of commercial use authorization providers can be found through this document.

Eco Tours

Boat trips that traverse parts of the park and discuss the unique qualities of various habitats and species in the park.

Bird watching trips that focus on the many native and migrating birds that can be found in the park, including discussions of their preferred habitats.

Kayak and Canoe Tours

The unique environment of the Everglades can be seen at water level by tours in kayaks or canoes.

Tour providers include groups who bring their own equipment to the park or outfitters who provide equipment and local guides.

Photography Tours

Discover the Everglades through unique photography workshops.

Fishing Guides

The Everglades offers a variety of fishing opportunities. Guides, using local knowledge of the waters and favorite fishing spots maximize the fishing experience in the unique waters of the park.

Miscellaneous Activities

Some individuals or groups provide activities in Everglades National Park that may not fit into the above categories. These include: motorized camping, sailing, pole boat tours, and transportation and livery.

Last updated: November 1, 2018

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