Permitted Tour Guides

Private, Other, & Permitted Guided Tours

Guided tours are available for those who'd like to see the park with a knowledgeable guide, but want to do this on their own schedule and in smaller groups or individually. These tours are in addition to the regularly scheduled concession or ranger-led tours available in the park.

Services offered include fishing, photography, paddling, birdwatching, and eco tours. Tour guides are required to have authorization from the park ensuring they are licensed and insured businesses authorized to provide visitors additional options in exploring this wonderful resource. Please note that the National Park Service issues these commercial use authorizations, but does not provide any specific recommendations or assess the specific content of these tours through the current review process. You should interview the guide to ensure they'll meet your personal needs.

Flats at Sunset with Bird in Background
Flats at Sunset

NPS Photo Courtesy of Glenn Gardner


Permitted Tour Guide Directory


Business Name Website Phone Number
BlueThroat Bird Tours dba.High Lonesome Bird Tours 443-838-6589
Field Guides, Inc. 512-532-2813
Wild Lime Adventures Wild Lime Adventures 954-673-6647

Business Name Website Phone Number
Beaufort Kayak Tours Beaufort Kayak Tours 843-525-0810
Breakwater Expeditions 208-263-0277
Burnham Guides Burnham Guides 305-240-0650
CanoeSport Americadba. Canoe Sport Outfitters 515-961-6117
Chokoloskee Enterprises, Inc. Everglades Area Tours 239-695-3633
Everglades Adventures and Eco Tours Everglades Adventures Kayak & Eco Tours 239-695-3299
Florida OutdoorAdventures LLC 386-295-1850
Garl Coastal Kayaking 305-393-3223
North Carolina OutwardBound School 828-239-2141
Shurr Adventures Inc. 239-300-3004
Wild Lime Adventures Wild Lime Adventures 954-673-6647

Business Name Website Phone Number
Backroads Backroads 510-527-1889
Captain Craig's EvergladesAirboats and Boat Adventures LLC. 239-920-1342
Everglades Adventures and Eco Tours Everglades Adventures Kayak & Eco Tours 239-695-3299
Natural Habitat Adventures 305-222-8800
Wild Lime Adventures Wild Lime Adventures 954-673-6647

Business Name Website Phone Number
10K Charters 10K Charters 218-821-5241
4 Reel Fishing Charters 786-860-2320
A. Ray Van Horn Charters Inc. None 727-639-2486
AA RedFish Felicity. LLC None 561-701-3344
AB Angling LLC
dba. Strip Set Charters
Allan B. Polofsky None 305-587-1744
Andrew Nobregas LLC. 305-393-2332
Anglers Addiction Guide Service 239-293-1664
Angler's Obsession LLC 360-485-3334
Angling Adventures 786-299-4813
Ankle Deep Fishing Adventures 407-808-0405
A-Squared Charters, LLC None 305-778-5342
AWOL Fishing Charters Inc. Awol Fishing Guide 954-383-0145
B&B Fishing Adventures, Inc. 352-538-4508
Back at Ya Charters, LLC None 305-394-4286
Back to Business Charters None 305-664-6099
Backcountry Delights LLC None 954-614-5824
Backcountry Religion Charters None 954-258-1545
Bank and Bight Charters LLC 614-307-0017
Barry Hoffman None 305-393-2587
Bass in the Grass, Inc.
dba The Inshore Connection
Fishing Charters
The Inshore Connection 305-807-0690
Bay and Reef Co. of the
Florida Keys
Bay and Reef 305-393-1779
Beats Land Charters 305-297-0438
Becky Campbell None 239-695-2029
Beyond Catching Everglades
Fly Fishing Guide 956-772-1212
Billy B Fishing Charters None 561-222-6785
Blackfly Charters LLC None 305-395-0311
Blackfoot Charters 305-481-0111
Blackwater Charters None 305-451-1669
Blackwater Guide Co. LLC None 239-672-0011
Boned Up Charters Inc. 954-608-4466
Born and Raised
Backcountry Fishing Charters
None 305-394-0013
Both Sides Island Charters LLC None 305-304-1266
Brian Esposito Services
dba. Skiff Guide Charter Service
Everglades Miami Fishing 954-592-0844
Brian Helms Sea Ya Fishing 305-815-0617
Brian Sanders 954-609-6260
Brockett Wagner Jr. Captain Brock Wagner 239-231-9997
Bruce Hitchcock 239-695-2172
Bruce Pollock None 305-393-5269
Campbell Fishing Expeditions 239-860-0976
Campbell Guide Service None 305-522-5506
Capt. Fred's Backcountry Fishing 305-304-6788
Capt. Mark Giacobba 561-789-2983
Capt. Andrew Bostick None 239-438-6107
Capt.Bloodworth Charters None 770-560-8090
Capt. Bou Charters, LLC. 561-262-6377
Capt. Craig Brewer None 305-393-0271
Capt. Duane Baker Inc. 305-852-0102
Capt. Erik Ehlers None 305-522-5418
Capt. Glenn Puopolo None 239-280-9085
Capt. Jason Sullivan 954-864-0592
Capt. Joe Rodriguez
Backcountry Charters
None 305-494-0000
Capt. John Johansen 305-522-4342
Capt. John M. Pribyl 305-393-2530
Capt. Jose Arias First Class Sportfishing 305-282-8356
Capt. Kevin Mihailoff LLC 239-860-2570
Capt. Kristopher Bacen Islamorada Fly Fishing 305-393-2906
Capt. Max Gaspeny None 910-409-8379
Capt. Michael Guerin None 305-900-8365
Capt. Peter Lopez LLC None 305-492-3031
Capt. Phil De Ville 239-293-5480
Capt. Richard Stanczyk LLC 305-747-6903
Capt. Rick Murphy, Inc. 305-246-0673
Capt. Ronnie Revels LLC None 863-673-1967
Capt. Steve Friedman
dba A FishingGuide, LLC 305-393-3474
Captain Chad Huff None 239-462-3571
Captain Craig's Everglades
Airboats and Boat
Adventures LLC. 239-227-7186
Captain Jesse Namour 239-878-5445
Captain John Sheehan None 305-896-0317
Captain John Stark 239-248-5142
Captain KC Spaulding Charters None 305-522-6101
Captain Lincoln Rodriguez
Fishing Charters
None 305-342-1749
Captain Mike Merritts
Native Guide Service, Inc.
None 561-252-4324
Captain Rusty Albury 305-664-1296
Captain Shawn MacMullin Fish Prime Time 305-432-1575
Captain Travis Freeman Steady Fishing Charters 239-285-2911
Captain Wes Thompson LLC 843-441-2146
Carducci Coastal Charters
(dba Carducci Marine) 864-313-9374
Casting Tales LLC Casting Tales 281-546-1393
Catalyst Charters Inc. Catalyst Charters 305-587-4199
Caught Lookin Charters 305-333-8149
Charles Brodzki Capt Chuck Brodzki 305-517-9542
CHL Outfitters Crop None 786-298-1436
Chokoloskee Enterprises, Inc. 239-682-9920
Coastal Fly Fishing
Adventures, LLC 970-682-0834
Coral Bay Properties
dba Bad Habit Fishing Charters 305-664-6678
Couple a Bucks Charters 305-393-2714
Dale Perez Fishing
Adventures 305-395-0523
Dauntless Fishing Charters 813-453-5322
David A. Denkert Captain Dave Denkert 305-393-5134
David B. Peck None 252-202-4405
David T. Borras None 305-393-2423
Deep South Fishing Charters Florida Keys Inshore Fishing 305-606-4551
Derrick Daffins Guide Service None 239-340-0052
Derrick O'Connell None 239-695-2849
Devin Wolf Charters LLC None 305-904-6919
Dingo's Fishing Adventures LLC. 561-245-1997
Don McKinney None 239-695-4950
Donald Cochran Capt Don Cochran 239-695-0413
Draginfly Charters LLC. Draginfly Charters 305-304-0312
Dustin Huff Backcountry
None 305-360-1404
Easy Rider Keys, Inc. 305-393-6009
Edward Paul Wilson None 305-942-5224
EH Charters, Inc. 954-592-1228
Emerald Water Charters None 774-563-1799
Epic Inshore Inc. None 954-882-2831
Eric Lund's Backcountry
Fishing Charters 305-393-0663
Everglades Angler LLC 239-253-0872
Everglades Backcountry
Experience 239-877-7256
Everglades City Fishing
Charters LLC 239-253-9926
Everglades Coastline Ventures None 239-588-1688
Everglades Fishing
Adventures Inc. 239-290-3683
Everglades Fishing Charters Inc. None 954-397-9222
Everglades Fishing Company LLC 239-777-2863
Everglades Guide Services 231-409-4231
Everglades Old Time Charters 239-241-1482
Firefly Charters 305-762-2279
Fish Slayer Charters None 305-905-0892
Fisher Guide Service Inc. None 435-901-8257
Fishhunt Charters Fishhunt Charters 239-695-2445
Fishwife LLC None 305-522-0255
Flamingo Charters LLC FLAMINGOCHARTERS.COM 305-395-0457
Flats Angler LLC dba Florida
Backcountry Fishing 305-790-5526
Flats to Fathoms, Inc. None 305-613-8193
Flatshead Fishing Charters 305-219-8201
Flipside Charters flipside charters 305-394-7701
Florida Fishing Headquarters 305-393-1641
Florida Keys Backcountry
Fishing LLC
Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing 305-900-8775
Fly Fish South Florida Inc. 305-546-8864
Flyin High Charters LLC 407-448-2017
Flywater Expeditions LLC Fly Water Expeditions 407-538-0770
Fordyce Enterprises, LLC.
dba Capt. Rob Fordyce 305-390-0177
Frank P. Ortiz 305-301-1283
Frederick A. Ruoff None 305-664-2511
Fun Fish Charters Inc. 786-205-0944
Fun Hunter Charters LLC 305-393-2495
Geoffrey Colmes 305-393-1245
Get Em Sportfishing Charters 786-436-2064
Get Some Charters None 239-331-0209
Given Take, LLC None 305-393-4041
Glenn Flutie None 954-494-3939
GoFish Florida Keys LLC
dba. Bamboo Charters
Bamboo Charters 305-393-0909
Golden Glare Fly Charters LLC 970-417-0623
Gotta Luv It Fishing Charters None 305-394-2098
Grassroots Guiding LLC 334-707-0580
Greco's on the Fly LLC 406-640-2627
Hertel Enterprises, LLC Tekeze Charters 305-790-1345
High Country Fishing Charters
dba.Laid Up Charters 970-946-5229
Hold Tight Charters LLC. 305-747-4887
Hope Fishing Adventures LLC Hope Fishing Adventures 863-517-1829
Hot Water Fishing Hot Water Fishing 386-206-6137
Houston Brown's Guide Service 239-695-3272
Islamorada Coastal
Adventures LLC 757-375-1516
Ivory Keys Charters None 561-255-6666
James Larry Sydnor
dba.Capt. Larry Sydnor
Your Florida Keys Fishing guide 305-853-0404
James Ponder None 573-382-0485
JFK Charters Inc. 305-304-3024
JGH Charters 305-394-1667
JoeyFlats Backcountry
Fishing & Canoe Trips LLC 786-234-0612
John Johanson None 305-522-4342
Joseph Petrucco 305-902-8840
JP's Fishing Charters 305-505-4483
Karl M Wagner dba
KMW Fisheries
None 305-481-7953
Key Hopper Charters None 305-393-0920
Keys Concierge Service dba
Fintastic Fishing Charters 305-664-1624
Knot Tight Charters 305-283-8059
Kozma Backcountry
Charters Corp
None 305-394-4067
Kurt Kintz dba.
First Class Charter Service 561-723-6027
Leatherback Backcountry
Fishing LLC. 305-570-9424
Lee Guide Company LLC LEE GUIDE CO. 239-248-1154
Legacy Charters LLC 305-969-0598
LeMay Miami None 954-435-5666
Little Native Sportfishing None 305-747-0291
Live Action Fishing Charters LLC 786-378-1392
Local Grown Charters,
dba Andrew Atwill
None 305-923-3923
M.G. Guide Service LLC None 786-229-1841
Maine Guide Fly Shop dba.
Dan's Backcountry Charters
Maine Guide Fly Shop 207-695-2266
Mark Krowka None 305-664-5437
Michael Nichols None 305-481-4657
Michaels Hunting & Fishing Inc. None 407-851-1909
Mickey Collins Ventures
dba Fly Guy Fishing Charters
None 210-710-5557
Middle Keys Charters 530-318-5040
MJW Customer LLC None 609-204-3630
Moon Cast Anglers 248-762-0663
Moss Charters LLC 305-587-4577
Mudpuppy Charters Mudpuppy charters 305-304-5618
Muskie Breath Guide Service Muskie Breath Guide Service 612-209-0608
Naples Fishing Adventures 239-293-7743
Native Tours and Fishing Charters 239-771-7279
Nielsen Charters Inc. None 305-304-4197
No Complaints Charters LLC. None 305-394-1158
Oceanside Fishing LLC.
dba. Gringo Charters
Gringo Charters 305-393-4031
Off Course Charters None 786-847-4424
Off The Hook Fishing Charters 305-796-3834
Old Florida Angling LLC Old Florida Angling 239-272-8443
One Fishy Guide 307-690-1745
Otter Charters None 305-664-9653
Outback Charters None 305-394-0588
Outgoing Charters Outgoing Charters 239-825-6283
P.S. Fishing Captain Perry Fishing 305-393-0621
Paul Ross None 305-923-9528
Perkins Fishing None 305-298-6932
Perserverance Charters None 305-395-1366
Peter Rowney 305-393-7773
Pirate For Hire Charters, LLC 305-393-7449
Pisces Connections, LLC None 305-394-4342
Pushin' Shallow Guide
Services LLC
None 786-586-6269
R U Fishing Yet 305-360-3262
Randal Daniels None 239-784-8929
Redfish Landing
Guide Service LLC 239-842-7778
Redhook Fishing, LLC 603-380-0336
Reel Attack Charters LLC None 508-954-9420
Reel Intense Fly Fishing LLC 248-770-5624
Reel Mell-O Charters Inc. 305-393-0232
Rhino Diaries Adventures 954-242-8777
Richard Campiola None 603-475-1292
Richard Mitchell None 305-393-0729
Right In Sight Charters LLC 386-566-4687
Rip Tide Guide Service, Inc. None 305-522-1466
Robert Helms None 305-218-1639
Robert Walczak 239-777-4519
Ronald J. Welter None 904-613-0649
Runninlate Charters None 305-393-1104
Rusty Fly Charters LLC Rusty Fly Charters 775-267-7967
RYRY The Fly Guide LLC None 214-577-3880
Salt Air Outfitters Salt Air Outfitters 786-473-3185
Saltwater Cowboy Charterz LLC Saltwater Cowboy Charterz 305-282-7746
Saltwater Fly Guide Saltwater Fly Guide 305-304-4449
Salty Bird Fishing Charters Salty Bird Fishing Charters 970-903-6033
Salty Cracker Charters LLC Salty Cracker Charters 863-443-1000
Scales 2 Tales LLC SCALES 2 TALES CHARTERS 305-522-3772
Scannin Shallow Guide
Service LLC
None 786-517-7261
Sea Monkey Charters LLC None 305-731-8062
Serenity Fly LLC None 239-994-1471
SFP Fishing Outfitters Inc. SFP Fishing Outfitters 239-537-6630
Shallow Tails Guide Service, Inc. 786-390-9069
Show & Tell Charters None 239-821-4718
Signature Series
Handmade Rods Inc.
None 305-394-2667
Silver King Fishing Corp. 786-317-4733
SilverSides, LLC dba Eleven 561-714-9994
Silver Spray Guide Service 305-289-7999
Silver Water Charters LLC Silver Water Charters 786-493-6991
Skins and Fins Charters 305-393-0363
Slightly Tighter Fishing LLC None 561-235-1700
South Bend Charters None 863-843-5901
Southwest Florida Guide Service 239-273-1551
Spirit of the Fly 239-298-3863
Stephen W. Griswold None 305-393-0204
Steve Huff None 239-695-2397
Steven Lavoie 305-393-1295
Stray Cat Inc. Stray Cat Charters 305-393-0336
Strip Strike Charters None 305-393-3331
SWB Fisheries,Consulting,
& Charters 305-853-6618
Tailing the Tides Inshore
Fishing Charters 954-552-8080
Tails Up Fishing Charters 305-394-1383
Tarpon Time Inc. 305-776-1485
The Natural Fishing Charters Inc. None 305-393-0943
Tidesright Charters LLC Tides Right Charters 954-684-2705
Tight Lines Fishin' Charters None 239-227-3144
Tight Loop Back
Country Charters LLC
Tightloop BackCountry Charters 954-548-7870
To The Point Charters 516-314-1185
Tommy Locke Outdoors, Inc. 941-270-0812
True Island Adventures,Inc. 305-240-9998
Turek Charters None 305-393-5444
Ultimate Keys Fishing 305-393-1128
VTB Charters None 305-393-2208
Water Day Charters LLC 239-289-3368
Wert William Capt. None 305-393-1910
Westward Expeditions LLC None 305-794-6691
Will McCabe None 305-304-5695
William W. Bassett None 305-522-4762
Wright Taylor FLY FISH EVERGLADES 239-821-9203

Business Name Website Phone Number
German Tours Everglades LLC None 305-498-3414
Off the Beaten Path, LLC 406-414-8951
Sojourn Active Vacations Inc. 802-233-9012
Wild Lime Adventures Wild Lime Adventures 954-673-6647
WINGS Inc. 520-320-9868
World Events LLC. 800-971-3884

Business Name Website Phone Number
Captain Sterling's Everglades
Tours LLC
Florida Keys and Key Largo Everglades Tours 305-395-0033
Chokoloskee Enterprises, Inc. Everglades Area Tours 239-695-3633
MarineLab dba. Marine
Resources Development
MarineLab 305-451-1139
Smallwood Store Boat Tours 239-719-0315

Business Name Website Phone Number
Anthony Sleiman Photography LLC 786-327-2358
Backcountry Journeys, LLC Backcountry Journeys 928-478-1521
Jennifer King Photography Workshops 336-430-6882
National Parks at Night LLC 203-783-9830

Last updated: June 5, 2023

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