Everglades Dark Sky Celebration

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A month-long celebration of the night sky, astronomy, science, and celestial bodies in Everglades National Park.

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Presentations and Events In The Park

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Banner with representation of stages of a solar eclipse and text, "April 8, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM Stop by any visitor center to borrow Eclipse Viewing Glasses to experience the Partial Solar Eclipse."

Dark Sky Guest Presenter Series at the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center

Dr. Mario Motta close-up photo.

March 30, 7:00 PM at the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center

Dr. Mario Motta presents "Unhealthy Light"

"LED lighting is an important energy saving choice, but it is important to take into consideration human and environmental health concerns when choosing LED's. Some LED lighting fixtures produce excess blue emission, which have adverse health effects. Excess blue light at night causes disruption on circadian rhythmicity through suppression of melatonin production by the pineal gland. Melatonin has been shown to be an important adjuvant to the human immunce system, and thus when suppressed has detrimental human health effects." - Dr. Mario Motta, MD, FACC.

Dr Motta also has a lifelong interest in astronomy, and has hand built a number of telescopes and observatories through the years to do astronomical research, including his entirely homemade 32 inch F6 relay telescope located in Gloucester, MA. He has been awarded several national awards in astronomy, including the Las Cumbras award from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in 2003, and also the Walter Scott Houston award from the northeast section of the Astronomical League, and in 2017 the Henry Olcott Award from the American Association of Variable star Observers (AAVSO). He has served as a president of the ATM’s of Boston, and has served as a council member of the AAVSO, and is a past president as well. He has also served on the Board of the IDA. He has worked on light pollution issues, and published several white papers on LP as a member of the AMA council of science and public health. He served on a UN committee (COPUOS) representing the AMA on light pollution for a worldwide effort to control LP and satellite proliferation. Finally, several years ago the International Astronomical Union awarded Dr Motta an asteroid in part for his work on light pollution as well as amateur research, asteroid 133537MarioMotta.

Close-up photo of Anthony Sleiman smiling with blurry trees behind him.

Beginning April 2: "Nocturnal Everglades" Photography Exhibition at Guy Bradley Visitor Center (Flamingo)

Anthony Sleiman presents "Capturing the Night"
April 27, 7:00 PM at the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center

Anthony Sleiman is a conservation photographer from Venezuela, renowned for his passion for the night sky and the Everglades.

For over 5 years, he has dedicated himself to documenting the mystical beauty of the Everglades at night through his captivating astro photography. Collaborating with prestigious organizations, Anthony strives to protect and preserve these natural wonders. As a mentor, he shares his wealth of experience with aspiring photographers, nurturing a deep appreciation for the environment and its conservation.

Through his work, Anthony inspires others to join him in safeguarding the breathtaking splendor of the Everglades and the celestial wonders of the night sky.
Close up of an alligator at night barely peaking out of the water with the Everglades Institute Logo in the top right corner.

Everglades Institute - Shooting Stars: An Everglades Nighttime Photography Workshop capturing the Lyrid Meteor Shower

April 26, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Join this 4 hour photography workshop featuring Instructor Robert L. Chaplin. In order to make reservations and learn more about this event CLICK HERE.

Banner image of the dark sky with logos on either side "Everglades Dark Sky" and Everglades Dark Sky Month.

Central Image Credit: Anthony Sleiman

For more information about dark sky activities in the South Florida region visit www.evergladesdarksky.org.

Last updated: April 2, 2024

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