Exploring Park Waters

Visitors can explore Florida Bay, Whitewater Bay, and the Ten Thousand Islands area by boat, kayak, or canoe. Each area has its own unique characteristics and ecosystems to explore.

Boat crossing the Crocodile Dragover in Florida Bay

Boating in Florida Bay is a task for the skilled. Treacherous passes cut through long banks of mud and seagrass that separate the shallow basins that make up Florida Bay. Safely boating in Florida Bay requires the ability to "read the water" as well as a chart. Shallow areas are not always marked, so polarized sunglasses are key to reading the water. NOAA Chart #33E is key to knowing where the passes are, as well as knowing the limits of your boat. On average, the bay is less than the 3 feet deep so knowing the draft (depth) of your boat is important.

You can request a free copy of the Florida Bay Map and Guide which is filled with tips and a guide to Chart 33E for navigating the tricky waters of Florida Bay.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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