2020 Photo Contest Winners


Grand Prize Winner

The sun rises behind a cypress tree that is shaped like an ‘N’.

Cypress Tree Sunrise

by Miguel Salas



A bird with dark green and red feathers, yellow legs, and a sharp bill wades through the water. There are spatterdock plants in the background.

Green Heron Stalking

by Robert Krayer


Honorable Mentions

Large, dark storm clouds fill the sky over a flat, grassy wetland. An orange glow from the sun and falling rain can be seen in the distance.

Rainstorm over a Sawgrass Prairie

by David Carrillo

A bird with long, pink legs, a thin black bill, and white and black plumage spreads its wings as it flies just above the water's surface.

Black-necked Stilt

by Evelyn Garcia

An owl with mottled brown and white feathers rests on a cypress tree branch. The sky is hazy and purple.

Barred Owl on Cypress Trees

by Evan Wexler

Lightning strikes in a purple sky above cypress trees.

Lightning Strikes

by Luis Forte

A dragonfly with metallic eyes, black legs, and a black-and-yellow-striped thorax is perched on a plant.

Blue-Dasher Dragonfly

by Ivan Valdivia

A light yellow snail with a cream-colored shell with black streaks crawls on a tree trunk.

Liguus Tree Snail

by Barbara Livieri

A landscape made up of yellow and orange grasses and young mangrove trees. Rays of light radiate from the horizon in the background.

Mangrove Tree at Sunset

by Luis Falcon

A red-bellied turtle breaches the water to take a bite of a yellow spatterdock flower.

Red-bellied Turtle and Spatterdock Flower

by Robert Krayer

Last updated: July 17, 2020

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