CESI Monitoring Project 97-7

Status and Conservation of the American Crocodile in Florida: Recovering an Endangered Species While Restoring an Endangered Ecosystem
Frank J. Mazzotti & Michael S. Cherkiss

Juvenile Crocodile Among the Mangrove Roots
Juvenile Crocodile Among the Roots of a Red Mangrove

Courtesy of Frank J. Mazzotti & Michael S. Cherkiss


Afforded Federal protection in 1975, the threatened American crocodile, Crocodylus acutus, once faced a grim prognosis for recovery. Loss of suitable nesting areas and modifications to freshwater flows served to dramatically reduce the abundance of the species. today, as the process of Everglades restoration moves forward, the American crocodile may prove a valuable touchstone against which to measure our success.

This project examined the full suite of available monitoring data from the past three decades to provide a more comprehensive understanding of recovery and restoration. It is noted that C. acutus is now more abundant, and found in more places, than at the time of it was listing under the Endangered Species Act. While this will likely bring new management challenges in the face of a burgeoning population, it is also noted that there may also be new opportunities for species recovery.


Final Report

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Last updated: April 8, 2021

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