A GIS-Based Decision Support Tool to Evaluate Land Management Policies in South Florida
Richard Bernkopf

MOD06-4PLA Fern, NPS Photo, B
Ferns, Everglades National Park

Brian Call


A major component of the goals of the interagency partnership to restore the Everglades is to "foster compatibility between the built and natural systems." Necessary components were outlined in the U.S. Department of the Interior Science Plan in Support of Ecosystem Restoration, Preservation, and Protection in South Florida. Questions include: What are the socioeconomic consequences of restoration activities alongside future development? This project took on the challenge of using a landscape analysis approach to meet this science need. In addition, this project set out to make clearer what steps can be taken to improve a sustainable balance of the water needs of the environment and development. The final tool developed is a web-enabled decision support tool using geographic information systems (GIS) technology called the South Florida Ecosystem Portfolio Model, or EMP.




Final Report

The South Florida Ecosystem Portfolio Model
A Map-Based Multicriteria Ecological, Economic, and Community Land-Use Planning Tool



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