ASS 08-5

Everglades Fellowship Program at Florida International University
Rudolf Jaffe

Shark Slough, Everglades National Park

B. Call


Since 2002, the CESI Program has supported the implementation of three university fellowship programs, including this program at Florida International University. These programs are designed to train students in Everglades science, while at the same time supporting short projects to address specific research needs or synthesize existing Everglades science.

The fellowship funded through this CESI project supported the work of three graduate students and three postdoctoral associates from Florida International University. The investigations examined a broad range of topics in collaboration with staff at Everglades National Park to better understand the influence of water flow and soil accretion on the formation of the ridge and slough landscape and the impacts of water quality and invasive species on Everglades habitats.



Funded Fellowships

Integrating Datasets to Examine Water Quality Trends along the Eastern Boundary of Everglades National Park (Principal Investigator, Evelyn Gaiser)

Assessing the Sources, Transport and Potential Trophic Transfer of the Contemporary Use Pesticide Endosulfan and its major Metabolite in Model Marsh Environments (Principal Investigator, Piero Gardinali)

Quantitative Determination of Photo- and Bio-reactive DOM pools in the greater Everglades Ecosystem (Principal Investigator, Rudolf Jaffe)

Numerical Modeling of Spatial and Temporal Patterning of Water and Vegetation in Wetland Ecosystems (Principal Investigator, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm)

A Functional Characterization of Ecotone Separating Ridge-Slough and Marl Prairie Landscapes in the Everglades (Principal Investigator, Mike Ross)

Examining Traits in an Everglades Invasive Species: Variations in Boldness, Dispersal, and Morphology in the African Jewelfish (Principal Investigator, Jennifer Rehage)

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