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photo of a park scientist and an almost 90 ft tower that monitors the interactions of carbon in a mangrove community
The interaction of carbon between the atmosphere and plants in mangrove communities is measured with equipment installed on a tower that is nearly 90 feet tall.

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The ability to observe changes in our environment depends on knowledge of what the environment was like in the past. Scientists continually measure changes in the park over time by observing a wide array of indicators, including coral health, nesting of wading birds, vegetation communities, fish abundance and diversity, hydrology and water quality, threatened and endangered species, and cultural sites.

Changes in the environment often lead to management challenges and questions about how to deal with the changes. Original and targeted research typically is necessary to address these questions. The park employs experts that work daily to resolve important management questions and encourages research by third-party agencies and institutions.


Last updated: August 25, 2015

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