Southern leopard frog
Southern leopard frog.

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In the Everglades, the fine line between water and land often blurs. Consequently, the park serves as the perfect habitat for a number of amphibious species. Frogs and toads are particularly conspicuous and routinely serenade the landscape with a loud and unusual chorus.



Species List for Everglades National Park¹
E = Federally Endangered
T = Federally Threatened
I = Invasive/Exotic
U = Unknown


Order Anura (Frogs & Toads)

Common Name Scientific Name Status
Florida cricket frog Acris gryllus
Oak toad Bufo quercicus
Southern toad

Bufo terrestris

Greenhouse frog

Eleuthrodactylus planirostris


Eastern narrow-mouth toad

Gastrophryne carolinensis

Green treefrog Hyla cinerea
Squirrel treefrog Hyla squirella
Cuban treefrog Osteopilus septentrionalis


Florida chorus frog Pseudacris nigrata
Little grass frog Pseudacris ocularis
Pig frog Rana grylio
Southern leopard frog Rana sphenocephala
Eastern spadefoot toad² Scaphiophus holbrookii


Order Caudata (Salamanders & Newts)

Two-toed amphiuma

Amphiuma means

Peninsula newt Notophthalmus viridescens
Everglades dwarf siren Pseudobranchus axanthus
Greater siren Siren lacertina


¹Meshaka, W.E., Loftus, W.F., and Steiner, T. (2000) The Herpotofauna of Everglades National Park. Florida Scientist, 63(2)84-103.

²Steiner, T., and Loftus, W.F. (1991) Amphibians & Reptiles of Everglades National Park. Miami: Everglades Association.

Last updated: May 28, 2021

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