Park Ranger Positions

Park Ranger, Supervisory Park Ranger & Park Management, GS-025

This series includes positions the duties of which are to supervise, manage, and/or perform work in the conservation and use of Federal park resources. This involves functions such as park conservation; natural, historical, and cultural resource management; and the development and operation of interpretive and recreational programs for the benefit of visiting public. Duties characteristically include assignments such as: forest and structural fire control; protection of property from natural and visitor related depredation; dissemination to visitors of general, historical, or scientific information; control of traffic and visitor use of facilities; enforcement of laws and regulations; investigation of violations, complaints, trespass/encroachment and accidents; search and rescue missions; and management activities related to resources such as wildlife, seashores, forests, historic buildings, archeological properties and recreation areas. Examples of qualifying experience include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Park guide or tour leader.
  • Law enforcement or investigative work
  • Archeological or historical preservation research work
  • Forestry and/or fire management work in a park, recreation, or conservation area
  • Management, assistant, or program specialist work involving the development and implementation of policy related to protection, conservation, or management of park areas or similar operations.

Education above the high school level in related course work is qualifying.

*Law Enforcement positions covered by special 20 year retirement provisions do not allow applicants to have reached their 37th birthday upon appointment to these positions. Selected applicant must take and pass the National Park Service Medical Examination prior to entering on duty.


Park Guide, GS-090

This series includes positions the duties of which are to provide interpretive and guide services to visitors to parks. The work involves giving formal talks, interpreting natural and historic features, answering questions, guiding tours and providing miscellaneous services to visitors. Experience that involved oral presentation of historical, scientific, or program information to groups; or developing and/or revising technical, historical or scientific information for oral presentation to groups is qualifying.

Education above the high school level in courses such as American history, science, and/or public speaking is qualifying.

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