CSP / EA Issues and Alternatives

Issues and Concerns Identified by the Public

  • Lodging: With only two exceptions, everyone would like lodging back at Flamingo.
  • Expanded Services: Commenters asked for more educational opportunities, particularly guided tours. Also requested were more rentals, particularly houseboats and bicycles.
  • Mosquitoes: there were many reminders that Flamingo can be ‘buggy’ and there were many requests that outdoor facilities be screened in (amphitheatre, grills, swimming pool).
  • Air conditioning: some commenters worried that sustainable design would not include air conditioning Showers: there were many requests for hot showers throughout Flamingo.
  • Swimming Pool: most were in favor of a swimming pool, several commenters were concerned with putting a swimming pool in a flood plain.
  • Food: suggestions were extremely varied, from limited groceries at the marina store to a five star restaurant, but most comments suggested basic food, nothing fancy.
  • Sustainability: almost all the comments supported using sustainable design to rebuild Flamingo, particularly alternative energy and raising structures above the storm surge.

If you would like to read a condensed version of the public comments, please go to www.parkplanning.nps.gov underEverglades- Flamingo CSP/EA – Documents – Public Comments Condensed.

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    Alternatives Development and Draft CSP

    Substantial progress has been made in the past four months. During the public involvement process more than 1,000 comments were received. The planning team is currently preparing the draft plan.

    Three alternatives are being developed for Flamingo and will be described in the draft CSP. At this point, the alternatives can be summarized as follows:

    Alternative A: No Action. This alternative is required under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) for use as a base line to measure the impacts of other alternatives on park resources and visitor experience. Flamingo would function with current uses. Only the campground would be available for overnight use.

    Alternative B: This alternative would replace what existed in Flamingo (lodge, cottages, restaurant, amphitheater) using sustainable building practices. Some of the facilities might be repositioned. Facilities would be re-built as elevated structures.

    Alternative C: This alternative would establish Flamingo as a world-class eco-tourism destination. A wider range and more creative set of sustainable principles suited to Flamingo’s particular environment would be used; including site design, energy management, water supply, waste prevention and ‘green’ architecture.

    Last updated: April 14, 2015

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