Learn About the Park

A historic postcard of Everglades.
History and Culture

Discover the recent and ancient history of the Everglades.

An osprey flies with a fish in its talons. There is a crab in the fish's mouth.

Learn about the park's wildlife and natural environment.

A young child uses tools to move sand in an archaeological activity hosted by the Park.
Kids and Youth

Find out how to become a virtual junior ranger, look for youth camp opportunities, or find suggestions for family activities in the park.

A Park Ranger waves at students on a bright yellow school bus.

Whether you are near or far away, you can connect with a ranger and use the Everglades as your classroom.

A rainstorm of a massive dark cloud looms over sawgrass.
Photos and Multimedia

Experience the park from afar! Check out our webcams, virtual tours, photo galleries, videos, and more. All photos are in the public domain.

A person holding a camera is bent over facing the ground on a trail.

Browse press releases, subscribe to updates, and dig into archived news. For members of the media there is a press package.

Two people are crouched on the sand counting eggs. Notebooks and tools are nearby on the sand.
Science and Research

One of the major reasons this park exists is to facilitate research, so that we can learn more about the natural world.

The back of a shirt says, "NPS," which is short for National Park Service. A blue sky is in the back

Have you ever wondered how the National Park Services manages a park, day-to-day?

Last updated: January 10, 2024

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