Classroom Virtual Learning Experience

Park Ranger being filmed, holding periphyton up to the camera

*LIVE* from Everglades National Park!

Free Curriculum-Based Virtual Learning for Students

Park Rangers are hiking, slogging, and wildlife-watching *LIVE* on camera, bringing curriculum-based programs into your classroom!

Teachers across the world can sign up for a free, curriculum-based virtual program for students. Presentations engage students in a live video and allow participants to interact with a Park Ranger in real time.

Curriculum-Based Topics Include (but are not limited to):

  • Ecosystems / Habitats

  • Natural / Prescribed Fire

  • Adaptations

  • Seasons

  • Food Web / Chains

  • Human Impacts

  • Climate Change

  • Restoration

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Program Details

No cost to attend or sign up! Everglades National Park's education program is generously funded through The Alliance for Florida's National Parks.

  • Presentations are available on a variety of curriculum-based topics.

  • Schools must be able to invite the Park Ranger to their school's virtual learning meeting through e-mail.
  • Available Monday - Friday (except holidays).

Request Your Virtual Learning Program!

Virtual programs are currently booked through June. Summer Programs will be scheduled as staff allows in late June, July and August.
A ranger stands in front of a large white tipped missile which reads "US ARMY". Another ranger stands feet away with a camera broadcasting the missile and ranger.
Two rangers conduct a virtual tour of the Nike Missile Base site

NPS Photo/ G Curbelo

**New Nike Missile Base Site Virtual Field Trips

Join our park rangers in learning about the history of the Cold War in South Florida, Project Nike, and Operation Pedro Pan. This program is aligned with the education standards for social studies classes (Grades 9-12).

To request a Nike Missile Virtual program click here

Last updated: April 22, 2021

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