Recycling Coordinator

Job Title: Recycling Coordinator

Location: Pine Island Recycling Center, Homestead, FL

Project Duration: Ongoing

Hours Per Week: 4-6 hours, 1-2 days, Sun-Sat

Hours Per Month: Flexible

Description of Duties: We are happy to say that mountains of recycling are generated by people who visit and work in the Everglades. Sometimes this pile accumulates so rapidly that it fills the Recycling Center faster than we can remove it. Often, in an effort to keep this ever-growing pile contained, we utilize the assistance of volunteer groups. If you have the ability and interest to lead volunteer groups as they sort, crush and bale recycled cans, plastic and cardboard, you will be moving mountains to help maintain the health of the Everglades and the Earth! Job duties include greeting volunteer groups when they arrive at the Recycling Center, providing groups with a brief orientation to park ecosystems and the important role recycling has in protecting natural and urban areas, orienting the group to their specific work duties and to project safety concerns, and working with the group throughout their project day. Groups you will most likely be working with include college groups, Girl/Boy Scout Troops, members of local organizations and employees from local area businesses and organizations.

Benefits: This is a great position for anyone interested in gaining leadership and supervisory experience. Through trainings and opportunities to explore the park, you will become intimately familiar with the many habitats, plants and animals of the Everglades.

Goal/Outcome of Position: To give visitors and staff an outlet with which to recycle as much material as possible, thereby decreasing waste created within the park.

Knowledge/Skills/Experience Desired: We are looking for someone who enjoys working with people, has an ability to effectively communicate to people of all ages and has experience, and/or an interest, in leading and working closely with volunteer groups

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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