Hydrology Assistant

Job Title: Hydrology Assistant

Location: Backcountry areas throughout the park

Project Duration: Ongoing

Hours Per Week: Flexible, Mon-Fri

Hours Per Month: Flexible

Description of Duties: Everglades National Park, like much of south Florida in general, has serious and complex environmental problems, including critical water problems and land-use conflicts along its boundaries. These issues have obligated the need for increased basic ecosystem research over the last few decades. Contribute to research projects throughout the park by becoming a hydrology assistant. The volunteer will collect data from various hydrologic stations around the park, construct hydrologic study sites, drill wells, install scientific monitoring equipment, perform data verification and analysis using various computer software tools and GIS, perform instrument calibration and testing, work on simple computer programming and hydrologic modeling, write short technical reports, and perform computer mapping and water quality and quantity sampling.

Benefits: The volunteer will learn hydrology skills and ecosystem health concepts, gain experience in scientific data collection and analysis, and explore various park ecosystems. Housing is available for this position year-round on a limited basis.

Goal/Outcome of Position: To study the ecosystems of south Florida and determine how changes outside the parks are influencing the fragile areas within.

Knowledge/Skills/Experience Desired: We are looking for someone who is interested in working outdoors while learning about scientific monitoring, hydrology, and south Florida ecosystems.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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