Group Volunteer Opportunities

Group Opportunities

Exotic plant eradication/weeding - Many plant species have been introduced to Florida from countries around the world. These plants were brought here for a wide variety of reasons and planted in great numbers. Some introduced species spread rapidly, in part because they did not evolve here and have no natural predators or diseases to keep their growth in check. This advantage allows them to out-compete and displace native plants. Eventually they may take over entire ecosystems, greatly reducing plant and, in turn, animal and habitat diversity. Contribute to the long-term restoration and preservation of the pineland and wetland prairie ecosystems that, once restored, will support a healthy diversity of native plants and animals by removing and treating invasive plant species using tools and herbicide, reintroducing native species, and maintaining and collecting research data on native species growth plots.

Recycling – Our busy winter season generates mountains of recycling produced by park visitors. Cans, plastic, cardboard, newspapers and paper accumulate so rapidly that it is often a challenge to maintain order. With help from committed groups and individuals, it is possible to keep up with the ever-growing piles, and, annually, greatly reduce the amount of waste we create in the park each year. Assist with the collection and sorting of recyclables at our Pine Island recycling center.

Trail maintenance – Thousands of visitors and summer storms often take a toll on the park’s trails. Prepare the trails for the busy winter season with trail maintenance: removing fallen limbs, filling holes, assessing safety issues, and picking up litter.

Facility maintenance and repair – Help reduce the backlog of maintenance projects throughout the park and improve the experiences of visitors exploring, enjoying and learning about park resources. Duties may include painting of buildings or visitor resources, assembly of picnic tables and benches, pressure cleaning of restroom facilities, and campground and picnic area set-up.

Litter pickup - Over time, trash accumulates along park trails and roads. Not only does trash affect the enjoyment and experience visitors have in the park, it also greatly affects the health of wildlife and habitats. Animals may be harmed if they mistake litter for food and chemicals may contaminate water and soil and leach into surrounding habitats. Protect the Everglades ecosystem from the cumulative effects of thousands of visitors by collecting trash around the park’s most visited areas.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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