Hole-in-the-Donut (HID) Policies

What are the HID policies?

  • Applications received must be for single projects.

  • A waiting list for credits is not maintained by the project.

  • We don’t notify or otherwise advertise the availability of credits.

  • The HID project reserves the right to schedule a credit release lottery at its convenience and at a date and time of their choosing.

  • Applications for new credit reservations will only be processed during the credit release lottery. Applications received before or after the date and time specified for the credit release lottery will not be processed.

  • Applications to reserve mitigation credits must show mitigation requirements in UMAM.

  • Applications to reserve mitigation credits at the HID are processed via a credit release lottery.

  • Each credit release lottery conducted by the HID is equally open to all permittees who need wetland mitigation credits. The credit release lottery process is random, free of bias or preference, and with no exclusion, stratification, prioritization or ranking of projects based on the number of credits a project requires, based on whether a project has previously satisfied a portion of its credit requirements, or based on who is submitting the applications.

  • Requests to increase the number of credits on a current reservation letter require a new credit application form, reflecting the additional credits needed, to be submitted and processed with all other applications during the next credit release lottery.

  • Reservation letters are valid for a 6 month period. Reservations can be extended once for an additional 6 month period.

  • Reservations not paid within 12 months of the original reservation date (provided there has been an approved reservation extension) will be released back to the HID mitigation project.

  • Reservations cannot be made without a permit or permit application number.

  • Reservations made without a valid permit or permit application number will be released back to the HID mitigation project.

  • The HID does NOT alert customers when their reservation is nearing expiration.

  • Expired reservations will not be reinstated or otherwise renewed. The credits associated with an expired reservation are immediately returned to the HID project.

  • There are no refunds on paid reservations.

  • Reserved or purchased credits are non-transferrable.

  • Requests for administrative reservation letter modifications (permit numbers, addresses, reducing the number of credits) will be processed as they are received in writing via email to ever_hid_credit_application@nps.gov.

  • Credits on expired reservations are retained by/released back to the HID mitigation project.

Last updated: September 16, 2021

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