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Everglades National Park is holding a second public meeting to present a new management alternative that will better protect manatees in the park boundaries to give the public an opportunity to see and comment on this new alternative developed with significant input of the community after the January 16 meeting.

The public meeting is slated for March 26 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: Everglades City School, 415 School Drive, Everglades City, Fl 34139.

The revised alternative establishes Slow Speed Zones within areas of high manatee density and 30 Mile Per Hour zones that allow for safe navigation of the area’s shallow waters while preventing prop dredging in Chokoloskee Bay. The preferred alternative should reduce impacts on water quality, seagrass, and other submerged resources while improving protection for manatees and their habitat. The preferred alternative is different from the two presented in January in that it offers some transit corridors in and around Chokoloskee Bay. We believe that this new alternative will respond to both the community concerns of access and the federal endangered species protection responsibilities.

Input on these alternatives will be accepted through April 28, 2008. Maps detailing the preferred alternative and those presented in January will be available on the Everglades National Park website at www.nps/gov.ever after March 20th under management documents. Comments on alternatives can be provided in writing and either mailed to Bonnie Foist at ENP, 40001 State Road 9336, and Homestead, FL 33034-6733 or emailed to e-mail us

For more information, please contact Everglades National Park Gulf Coast District Ranger Kevin Donnell by email, or by phone at (239) 695-4217.

This information can also be downloaded directly,

Revised Alternative to be presented March 26

Click here for Alternative 3

This alternative developed with the community of Everglades City proposes a series of transit corridors in and around Chokoloskee along with speed zones that will better protect manatees and allow movement around the Chokoloskee area.

Click here for Alternative 1,

This alternative proposes to extend the speed zones already in place by Collier County. The 20 mile per hour zone would extend south and and connect to the current idle speed zone on the west and south side of Chokoloskee Island.

The Collier County slow speed zone along the west side of Chokoloskee Causeway would continue into the park along both sides of the causeway connecting with the idle speed zone on the north and east side of Chokoloskee Island.

Click here for alternative 2

This is the same as Alternative 1, except a 30 miler per hour channel would be created coming out of the north end of Chokoloskee Island heading southeast into the deeper water of Chokoloskee Bay. An extension of the channel would extend north and along the east side of Chokoloskee Causeway.

Comments on alternatives can be provided in writing and either mailed to Bonnie Foist at Everglades National Park 40001 State Road 9336, Homestead, FL, 33034-6733 or emailed to e-mail us

For more information or questions, contact Bonnie Foist, Chief Ranger at 305-242-7739 or Gulf Coast District Ranger, Kevin Donnell at 239-695-4217.

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