Comal Springs

Comal Spring

Christopher Talbot


Comal Springs, Hays County, Texas

Spanish explorers discovered Comal Springs in 1691. American Indian tribes inhabiting the area referred to it as Conaqueyadesta, translated as “where the river has its source.” In an excerpt from his diary, Father Isidro Félix Espinosa, who accompanied Domingo Ramon’s expedition in 1716 described it this way: “Groves of inexpressible beauty are found in this vicinty. The waters of the Guadalupe are clear, crystal and so adundant that it seemed almost incredible to us that its source arose so near. It makes a delightful grove for recreation.”

Comal is the Spanish word for basin, which somewhat describes the local geography. In the early 18th century French explorer Louis Juchereau de St. Denis visited the springs. They eventually became a paraje (resting place) on El Camino Real de los Tejas.

Time period: 1691-1800s
Owvership: Public (City of New Braunfels)

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