Two ravens sitting on a fence post
Ravens are some of the most commonly seen wildlife.

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Even though it is a small area, El Morro National Monument contains a great diversity of animals, from the tiger salamanders swimming in the cliffside pool to the herds of elk that frequent the prairies and open woodlands. Birds, reptiles, and insects abound, and fascinating invertebrates inhabit the "tinaja" pools that fill bedrock basins at the top of the butte.

A small yellow bird perched on a branch.

A diversity of habitats attracts many species of birds to El Morro year-round.

A small lizard sitting in a yucca plant.

Warm summers bring out the snakes and lizards.

a small toad sitting on the ground

Arid environments might not seem inviting to amphibians, but some make their home at El Morro.

A rabbit sitting in grass.

Many mammals find a home at El Morro.

A small white butterfly on a yellow flower

El Morro supports a wide variety of insects.

Last updated: October 18, 2022

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