For Kids

Image of a park ranger and kids
Kids enjoy leaving their own inscriptions the only place at El Morro where it's o.k. to—on the rocks in front of the visitor center.

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Image of the Junior Ranger booklet, certificate and badge
All this could be yours for completing El Morro's Junior Ranger program!

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Want to be a Junior Ranger?

When you get to El Morro National Monument, make sure you ask a park ranger or volunteer for your own free copy of the Junior Ranger program. There are lots of fun activities for you to do while you're on your hike. When you're all finished, you'll get a Junior Ranger Certificate and your very own badge. We bet you'll also leave knowing a lot about El Morro National Monument!
Image of kids and woman looking at children's books at the kid's corner in the visitor center
Back at the visitor center, kids will find lots of books and other neat stuff in the "kid's corner".

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Last updated: February 24, 2015

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